Verify Municipal Contractor License

Building Codes are important because they set minimum standards for safety, durability, and performance for building construction. It is important to obtain building permits for several reasons. A building permit can only be issued to licensed contractors with a few exceptions. A homeowner may pull his own permit if he is doing all the work himself.

Prior to permits being approved plans are reviewed for conformance with building codes. When a permit is approved the construction is inspected as it progresses to ensure it meets building code requirements and that the individuals performing the work possess the credentials showing they are qualified.

Consumers should hire licensed contractors for several reasons. Licensed contractors have a general contractors and a Municipal license and must prove they have the proper training, general liability insurance, workman's compensation insurance and a residential endorsement in order to do residential work. Licensed contractors are required to employ qualified workers.

This page will allow you to verify that a particular contractor is currently licensed by the Municipality of Anchorage. It also displays the types of licenses held by the contractor. Please enter part or all of the contractor's name and/or select a license type, then click the Search button.

Be safe! Be sure that your contractor is licensed by the Municipality!

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