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Permit Number: C19-1196
Permit Type: Commercial Building Permit - None BldgNew
Address: E 849 DIMOND BLVD Anchorage
Work Description:



Status: Closed
Project Name: RAISING CANE'S
Review Type: Private Development Site Civil Review
Result: Correction
Result Date: 5/9/2019 2:50:00 PM


 Code SectionReview CommentStatus

Advisory Information:

Correction, MG 3-18-19, 5-9-19.


1. The Drainage Analysis letter submitted on 3-7-19 from CRW is not acceptable for this project. Please reference the requirements found within the 2017 ASM Vol. 1. Determine the project classification (2017 ASM Vol 1., 3.3.1 and reference Table 3.2-1.) Resolved, MG 5-9-19.


2. Please provide Water Quality Treatment per 2017 ASM Vol. 1., Resolved with bioretention area, MG 5-9-19.


3. The Permanent Maintenance and Operation Plan submitted on 3-7-19 is no longer acceptable per the 2017 ASM Vol.1 as of January 1, 2019. Provide the Operations & Maintenance Plan and the Operations & Maintenance Agreement prior to recordation for review. ASM Vol.1 and Table 3.2-1. Please provide Water Quality Treatment per 2017 ASM Vol. 1., Please provide Water Quality Treatment per 2017 ASM Vol. 1., Policy AG.43. Not Resolved, MG 5-9-19.


4. Please provide a statement from the engineer to certify that the proposed drainage plan will not result in adverse storm water impacts on existing drainage or on a downstream property or watercourse. Resolved, MG 5-9-19.


5. Ref. C106 & MOA Storm Drain and Drainage Atlas (created 3-9-19) Grid Number SW2231; Please verify that the existing storm drain shown is correct given that the MOA information for this lot is different. Resolved, MG 5-9-19.


6. Ref. C106; The proposed 65.2’ 10” CPEP is proposed to connect to an existing 12” CPEP. A manhole shall be installed at major junctions, places where there are changes in vertical or horizontal alignment, and at locations where there are changes in pipe size or shape. 2017 ASM Vol. 1, 5.3.5.A.  Furthermore, clarify that a storm drain manhole exists just to the west of this proposed junction under the proposed parking lot island. Not Resolved, MG 5-9-19.


7. Ref. C106; The two SDCB’s proposed on the east side of the project connect to an existing storm drain that in turn appears to connect to another existing storm drain within the scope of the project without the required SDMH (similar to comment no. 6 above).  Please revise and resubmit. Not Resolved, MG 5-9-19.


8. Ref. C106; 10” diameter CPEP is proposed. The minimum diameter of storm drain pipe is 12 inches.  2017 ASM Vol. 1, 5.3.2.C. Resolved, MG 5-9-19.


9. Ref. C106 and Detail 1; A PVC roof drain rain leader is proposed which is known to crack and fail if frozen. Frost depth is estimated to average from 6 to 8 feet BGS per page 7 of the Geotechnical investigation. Please revise and resubmit. Resolved, MG 5-9-19.


10. The proposed snow storage locations are not accompanied with grade arrow or grade elevation to assure proper drainage of snow melt water. In addition please provide Zoning acceptance of snow storage within the proposed walkway and the ingress/egress easement. Indicate the locations of temporary snow storage areas on the site grading and landscape plans with no obstruction to onsite drainage and no adverse drainage to adjacent lots, on site or the Right-of-Way. Not Resolved, MG 5-9-19.


11. The ground immediately adjacent to the foundation shall be sloped away from the building at a slope of not less than 5 percent for a minimum distance of 10 feet. Impervious surfaces within 10 feet of the building foundation shall be sloped a minimum of 2 percent away from the building. IBC 1804.3. Resolved, MG 5-9-19.


12. All fills shall be placed in lifts not exceeding 12 inches and compacted to a minimum of 90 percent of maximum density. Fills under building footprints, driveways, and parking lots shall be placed in lifts not exceeding 12 inches and compacted to 95 percent of maximum density. AMC Resolved, MG 5-9-19.


13. ADVISORY NOTE: No CCO/CO until all plan approved infiltration facility construction is found to be satisfactory by Private Development. Please provide a minimum of 24 hours advanced notice for inspection prior to backfilling the infiltration facility, and provide 24 hours advanced notice for a final inspection of final drainage grading, (Contact: Marc Guzik at 343-8115).


14. Private Development comments may be incomplete pending further submittals.
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