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Inspection #: 603787
Inspection Type: Final Electrical
Inspector: M.Green
Result: Partial
Comment: Conditional electrical final approved until 4/5/2020 to set up only. Did not inspect parking lot lighting or signs.

Inspection Corrections
3/5/2020TransferCorrect Below* MDPLabel.
3/5/2020TransferCorrect Below* Boilers.Check for proper OCPD requirements. 20A breaker installed.
3/5/2020TransferCorrect Below* East RTU.Strut supporting gas line violates 110.26 working clearances.
3/5/2020TransferCorrect Below* Soda machine.No apparent listing label.
3/5/2020TransferCorrect Below* Monitors at POS.No apparent listing labels. Check other monitors.
3/5/2020TransferCorrect Below* Rear area by drive through window.Cords cannot run above T-bar grid ceiling.
3/5/2020TransferCorrect Below* Panels Service available fault current calculated at 32K. Panels only 10K AIC rated. If series rating, labelling as such will be required.
3/5/2020TransferCorrect Below* Behind under counter refrigerators and fryers.GFCI receptacles not readily accessible.
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