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Inspection #: 598990
Inspection Type: Service
Inspector: M.Green
Result: Partial
Comment: Electric service approved. Tag #35896. NOTE: Electrical 1-line design and available fault current calculations based on worst case 300KVA CEA transformer. CT enclosure labelled with 50K short circuit current rating. Over 53K AFC at CT. Correct as below.

Inspection Corrections
1/24/2020TransferCorrect service item below* Available fault current at branch circuit panels.Even with recalculated 150KVA transformer AFC values, AFC at panels will likely be higher than 10K breakers installed. Verify series rating and label as required.
1/24/2020TransferCorrect service item below* CT enclosure rating / available fault current.75KVA CEA transformer installed. Engineer to recalculate AFC based on a possible 150KVA replacement transformer to bring AFC to below 50K at CT.
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