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Inspection #: 555833
Inspection Type: Private Development Site Civil
Inspector: M.Guzik
Result: Progress
Comment: *ATTENTION: The following discharges to the Municipal Separate Storm Sewer Systems (MS4) (stormwater conveyance such as but not limited to, storm drains, pipes, ditches, etc.) is prohibited unless otherwise authorized in writing by the ADEC. * Sewage; *Discharges of wash water resulting from the hosing or cleaning of gas stations, auto repair garages, or other types of automotive services facilities; *Discharges resulting from the cleaning, repair, or maintenance of any type of equipment, machinery, or facility, including motor vehicles, cement-related equipment, and port-a-potty servicing, etc.; *Discharges of wash water from mobile operations, such as mobile automobile or truck washing, steam cleaning, power washing, and carpet cleaning, etc.; *Discharges of wash water from the cleaning or hosing of impervious surfaces in municipal, industrial, commercial, and residential areas – including parking lots, streets, sidewalks, driveways, patios, plazas, work yards and outdoor eating or drinking areas, etc. – where no detergents are used and no spills or leaks or toxic or hazardous materials have occurred (unless all spilled material has been removed); *Discharges of runoff from material storage areas containing chemicals, fuels, grease, oil or other hazardous material; *Discharges of pool or fountain water containing chlorine, biocides, or other chemicals; discharges of pool or fountain filter backwash water; *Discharges of sediment, pet waste, vegetation clippings, or other landscape or construction-related wastes; and *Discharges of food-related wastes (grease, fish processing, and restaurant kitchen mat and trash bin wash water, etc.).OK for CCO Only, which expires on 7-15-20. Snow & Ice on site prevented a full inspection: Please complete all grading and drainage elements along with the establishment of vegetation and request the final PDCIVIL inspection prior to 7-15-20. MG 4-1-20.OK for CCO Only, which expires on 8-15-20. The storm drain curb catch basins require grout between the casting and the manhole. Please send photos along with this permit number to once complete and prior to CO. MG 7-28-20.

Inspection Corrections
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